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Our company is an export-oriented enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of Teflon (PTFE) series products. Brand positioning in the Teflon series of products, mainly Teflon mesh belt, Teflon high-temperature cloth, Teflon high-temperature tape, adhesive conveyor belt, packaging industry double-decker belt, photovoltaic industry professional high-temperature cloth and so on. The factory area is 20000 square meters, with 18 domestic advanced vertical and horizontal coating drying equipment, as well as warping machine, ultra-wide looms and other equipment. Our company has established cooperative relations with a number of relevant scientific research institutions, and hired a number of skilled professionals, the introduction of advanced production and processing technology at home and abroad. The company now has the advantages of strong production capacity, advanced technology and stable product quality in the industry. Products have been sold throughout the......Learn more>>

High temperature adhesive tape (Series) products

Teflon Fiberglass (adhesive) cloth...

2018 company employment skills training opening ceremony

2018 company employment skills training …...

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